Overthinking With my IUD

I got Jaydess the other day (3 days ago) and I'm so nervous and overthinking the entire thing.

The procedure was painful as hell.

I've been taking a LOT of painkillers since I got it, and they've helped a lot, but I hate taking painkillers or any non-natural medicine.

The idea of the IUD scares me, to be honest. I don't like having an object inside of me that I or my partner can feel. It's sketchy.

I'm into really rough, kinky sex and I'm scared that I won't be able to continue with this because it'll hurt or my boyfriend will feel the strings. I have to wait a week to have sex, I guess, as the nurse told me. I'm getting extremely anxious and worried about those two things.

I'm also scared that my periods will be super painful.

I'm also worried that the strings are going to take forever to soften.

I'm worried about a million other things and having second thoughts about the IUD and wanting to maybe go back on LoLo (the low hormone birth control pill) or check out the Ring. I just want to be able to have sex without a condom and without having to worry about pain or anything like that. I want to be protected from an unwanted pregnancy, as well. :(

Can someone please help ease my anxiety or give me some advice?

(Posting in 2 places because people suck at responding in some of the groups I'm in).