hospital canceled my induction 55min before


This FTM is not happy! We scheduled my induction almost 2 weeks ago, had an appt yesterday and everything was still a go! I've been a ball of nerves last night and all day as of all the unknowns and excited to meet my precious baby girl! Hubby and I literally are walking out the door to go to the hospital and my phones rings.. the charge nurse says they just don't have any openings and have rescheduled me for next week.. THURSDAY NOW MONDAY!

I'm not happy, if they had a busy day surely they would have realized it before then. I have scrubbed my house top to bottom, all the laundry is done, everything was packed and loaded in truck.. now I have to unpack everything. Plan a few more meals and reclean the house and re pack my stuff.. I've laid in bed crying because I was so excited to finally meet my baby!