Anyone else really worried about first scan aswell as excited?

Lulu • Truely blessed with 2 little miracles :)😌💙💖

Had been trying for baby no2.

Had recurrent miscarragies in the last year 4 in total never managed to make it past 5weeksish. Currently 9weeks pregnant, ive got my 1st scan next tues at 10weeks but im so scared nothings going to come up on the screen and tell me that im not pregnant . Im a major over thinker/worrier and its really getting to me. I know im going to be too scared to look at screen and be very emotional before hand. Ive had no problems in this pregnancy which im so thankful for. even had a blood test and my hcg levels are def rising :). Still cant help but think the worst right now. Its like ive managed to convinced myself not to get my hopes up, sounds stupid i know but just want everything to be ok so badly!