Twins movement - who is who?


I am 29+3 with a boy and a girl twins. My boy is head down and on my left and the girl is transverse. Both placentas are on the right side, and the girl's placenta is anterior. So I feel a lot of crazy movement in my left side, but barely anything on the right. And I never know if the girl is still doing ok :-/ I can feel her brother clearly, he gets hiccups at least once a day and I know it's him, since she can't possibly get that low into my pelvis. Of course I have no clue who am I feeling on the left, most of the time both of the twins' legs are in the top left corner and I guess it's the two of them kicking. But how can I be certain about the girl? If I were to follow the advice of calling in when I don't feel the movement, I might as well relocate to a hospital now! Sometimes I get the tiniest kick high on my right side and then I know it's the girl, but most of the time I just get scared and run for my Doppler to confirm I still hear two heartbeats. Anybody can relate? Any advice? Tricks?