Prenatal Vitamins Recommendations


Hi, all!

My husband and I are just beginning our TTC journey for the first time, and I’m wondering what is recommended for prenatal vitamins and care.

Back in October we went to a fertility specialist to determine whether my endometriosis was affecting my fertility. At the time, I had been taking birth control steadily for 4 years. During the exam, he found a “typical sized ovarian cyst” and very minimal eggs. He suggested it may have been due to the BC and suggested we return 3 months after I’d gotten off it.

I have now been off BC for 10 months and ready to get pregnant! We’ve decided to give it a fair go before returning to the specialist as he said he he isn’t extremely concerned with my egg count.

Anywho! With all of that said, what do you ladies recommend we do/take regarding prenatals?

Thank you! 💕