Have you rehomed an animal of yours since being pregnant?


I am so stressed out about my cat and I don't know what to do 😭 She's in the baby's room 24/7 which is fine I guess (I'd rather her not be in there at all but I'll tolerate it) and she won't stay out of the crib, swing, or off of the changing pad. She sheds horribly so there's hair on everything now and I don't want to have to wash everything a hundred times a week so that my child isn't covered in cat hair all the time 😩 I want to rehome her, our lifestyle isn't good for her anyway since we're always traveling, we have to put her in the car often which she hates and she makes everything a huge hassle, since she can't be around other cats at all (loses her mind and acts ballistic). I feel bad for wanting to rehome her but I just don't want her anymore. Positive reinforcement please 😭 I know some of you will think I'm horrible for wanting to but at the same time I don't think an animal should be stuck with someone who doesn't want them and doesn't love on them like they should be. I don't let her anywhere near me because I'm just so irritated with her. And yes I'm aware traveling isn't easy with an infant but we'll manage. I can't manage a cat too.

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