So ive done quite a bit of reading and research and found out that Co-sleeping is safe despite the fear put into parents about rolling on your baby or your baby rolling out of bed. In studies the deaths that did occur were because one or both of the parents were either, intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, smokers or they had slept on the couch and the baby had fallen behind a couch cushion. Many liberal thinking countries promote co-sleeping because its best for Mum and baby. 
Ive always been totally for Co-sleeping! It will mean I won't have to get up out of bed for feeding and therefore will get more sleep, I will always be close to my baby which they need when they are so small and my SO will be able to enjoy some bonding time as well. 
I feel it's a shame that there is so much fear and stigmatism these days around natural birth, breast feeding and co-sleeping. Do you think it's because we have become over-medicalised as a society? If you actually do the research and look at the statistics, they show a different story to what women are being shown. 
What are your thoughts?