Hey ladies! So I recently broke up with this boy who I was with for 2 and a half years. My sisters wedding was around the corner she originally I was just going to bring my best friend which I did, but my mom asked me if I wanted to bring a guy friend as well. I decided to ask my friend that I've known since elementary school and graduated with. I asked my friend and he immediately says yes and takes the day off from work. A couple of weeks before the wedding we decide to go for ice cream. So he picks me up in his car and he's just so sweet as usual. We get to the ice cream place and he's offering to pay and to pick up my garbage, the gentleman stuff. We're clicking on the way back to my house. We're listening to music and we find out that we like the same type of music, we talked about life goals, and high school memories. He also mentioned that his best friend moved to college and that he has no one to hang with.The ice cream date goes by and it goes perfect. We get to the wedding day and sparks fly. I thought that I had it nice with my ex but this guy was just over the top amazing. We slow danced to Wanted by Hunter Hayes. And that set the mood. After the wedding we went to the hotel across the street and he helped me over. I was just so flabbergasted at the way he carries himself, such a gentleman. He helped with my dress, he unpinned my hair, he carried my left overs,He asked me to dance, and he called me beautiful right as he saw me. I think I'm falling for him but idk what to do. Should I tell him or wait it out ladies?