got bfp today😘


we are so happy and excited! glow said we are due April 22, 2018. I just wanted to let u guys now what symptoms I was having bc I was on here like crazy trying to see what others were feeling like in their tww, so here it goes. during my fertile we wk we did the deed 2 days prior to it starting, then evey other day and i made sure we did on my peak fertility day!! I'm 36yrs old so the chances aren't that great. we also used preseed. the following wk I had my first symptoms. I was EXTREMELY bloated and I mean I already looked preggers! I was super thirsty all the time and so tired. like at 11am I would. be at work and feel like it should already be 5pm.. ugh😒 no sore breast tho my nipples look bigger. this last wk eating a lot more and super nausea so bad that would need to sit down at the store. last one is peeing alot!! that lead me to test 3 days past my late period. anyway I hope this helps and if there's any question ask. I known l way!!