my tww symtoms. ov day 6th August.


6th Aug - O day

1dpo - nothing

2dpo - diarrhoea

3dpo - sharp mild pain right side lower abdomen. yellow cm.

4dpo - cramping on one point continues. yellow cm.

5dpo - cramping.

6dpo - cramping. dizziness and light headed. diarrhea.

7dpo - more cramping. larger boobs

8fpo - diarrhea in the morning. pressure in abdomen. full bbs.

9dpo - diarrhoea in the morning. sharp pain on right

10dpo - more mild pulling sensation. nausea. fatigue. vvvfl with veryn sensitive hpt.

11 to 12dpo - slightly nausiated. pulling sensation in uterus. and bits of yellow cm.

13dpo - faint line at am