preemie babysitter


I am so upset that I don't seem to have anyone that will be able to watch my LO when I go back to work in two weeks. My SIL offered to watch her for a few hours while me and my husband go out on a much needed date. 2 hours in and we get a frantic call of what to do. I clearly gave her instructions and warnings before hand...but my baby still had a horrible reflux episode and we had to walk out on our dinner order to go get her. I hate that people are undermining my instructions because I'm a younger first time mom and they have been there done that and have multiple kids. Each baby is different and my preemie has special needs for her feedings that must be followed to a t. Do I just spend the money and hire a babysitter who has a medical background? I fear that my MIL or SIL who offered to watch her when I go to Work will freak out and take her to the emergency room and have my baby admitted again :-(