My Great Grandmother crushed my feelings


So my Great Grandmother is in her late 80's. I called her today to wish her a happy birthday. We started talking about other thing and the topic of my pregnancy came up. I told her the baby was a boy. My Great Grandmother has always given a homemade afghan blanket and a quilt as baby shower gifts. I have always sat in awe over her blankets. They are truly beutiful! I remember staying the night with her at 10 years old every Saturday night so we could go to church together on Sunday. My fondest memories with her are watching her make the afghans. Once she started to become older she went ahead and made up about 20 of the blankets before she had to stop. Today, she told me that their was only one boy afghen left and she was going to gift it to a lady at church who is about 10 weeks ahead of me in her pregnetcy. My feelings are crushed. I'm sure the lady from church will be appreciative and grateful but to her it's just a blanket, to me this is the major memory I have of my grandmother who is sick and not doing well. It's very sentimental to me. I wish more than anything to be able to wrap my child in one of her afghans. Although I think its a bit ridiculous to give the last boy one away knowing her own granddaughter is also expecting a boy; I'd proudly wrap my boy in a pink one because my grandmother made it. But knowing her she would never do that... I hate that I'm so hurt by it, I feel like I shouldn't have been expecting to receive one... Opinions? Do I tell her I'm hurt or let it go? She really is sick and we are expecting this to be her last birthday.