"Not disciplining children is best"

OK SO...let me just start off by saying

I believe in discipline. I believe in punishment. I believe in consequences. I believe in time outs. I believe in spanking. I'm a nanny. I would NEVER lay a hand on someone else's child. I ONLY spank my children on the behind once.

Anyways...the family I nanny for does not believe in discipline AT ALL. They do not believe in punishment. They do not believe in consequence. They do not believe in time outs. They do not believe in spanking. The mom thinks it's best to let children decide what the want to do and what they don't want to do. For example, she does no require her 5 year old to clean up because "she wants him to clean up because he WANTS TO HELP the family and the household, not because he's told to clean up." There are many other examples. These children do not listen, they constantly get in trouble in school, they're constantly misbehaving, they're constantly doing things to bother/annoy others purposely. I have heard multiple children in their classes saying, "mommy that's the kids that spits on everyone" "mommy that's the kid who's bad. He does mean things to everyone and always gets in trouble."

Ivebeen with this family for 5 years. It breaks my heart that the family is leading their children into a lifetime of difficulty because they won't discipline. I've tried to talk to them multiple times I've tried to reason I've tried to give my side of the situation and express my concern. I understand why some people do not want to spank their children and I COMPLETELY understand. But, there HAS to be SOME sort of rules/discipline/boundaries.

I just need to vent. It is such a disaster. I make such good money and I love this family, I don't want to quit but it's getting out of hand!