What is this?

So when I was around 6-7 My mom had a friend. My moms friend had a son and he was bit older than me. In the beginning, my mom and her friend would be in the friends room and I would be on the boys room. (Lets call my moms friend T). In the beginning he boy would be like on the floor then he would have me drag down off from the bed onto him. I asked him if he was trying to kiss me or not and he said no, (btw this is all in a span of time). Eventually, we faked getting married and we had kissed a couple times. But later on, we had been getting physical. We would go in the closet and feel each other. I knew what sex was and such and I knew not to let anybody touch me. One day, he had put his penis in me, not inside me but like in the slit, not anywhere else. Then he had me go down on him, not for long I had no idea wtf I was doing at all. Eventually they figured everything out and I forget what happened but I didn't see him for a while. I haven't seen him since then. I thought it was ok to do what we were doing and he kept begging for me to do it with him again so it happened again. Again, not in em just the slit. He was like maybe 8-9 and I was like 6-7. What was this? Dont worry, my parents yelled at me and such for it. When they asked why I did it I just said I don't know.