A 9/11 documentary came up on my YouTube recommendations and I watched it, got extremely emotional and then came across the 9/11 memorial museums YouTube, and then saw the survivor tree story and I am crying so hard. Like really ugly crying.

Long story short it was a little pear tree infront of the world trade center and was destroyed and crushed under rubble for over a month after the 9/11 attacks. All of its branches were ripped off, but they grew back. someone took it and took care of it and it's still alive today as far as I can tell. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I HAVE EVER CONSIDERED LITERALLY HUGGING A TREE.

I think this is so touching to me because no matter what kind of survivor you are, you can be inspired by this tree.

Yes, a tree. A tree that lived to see atrocities and somehow didn't die, and grew its branches back and blossoms every spring. Maybe I'm just super emotional and overly touched by this tree but ive been wanting to visit the memorial for years, but i live across the country. now when I go I'm going to make it a big deal that I see this tree and take a picture with it lol.