I hate having boobs.

Okay i went to the doctor for this, he told me that it was normal and a hormonal thing and that explained why it happened on or around my period.

Oh I forgot to say what it is. My nipples leak. It started out clear and then turned a foggy white so I went to the doctor and that's what I was told.

Oh my god. I am fucking lactating.

Like, there is so much. So, so much. It will be dripping down my stomach or soaking my bra and shirt and idk what to even do about it. The past two days, i have probably made like an ounce and a half of titty leakage. Thats a fucking lot when your boobs have never fed a baby before. This is not milk, it's nipple discharge. And I'm so damn tired of it, it's bothersome. And it's weird getting asked why your shirt is wet.

It starts to happen worse when I have sex. Like right after I have sex, my nipple faucets turn on.

I have never even been pregnant before.

I'm so sick of this. I feel like a freak with leaky nipples. Does anyone know how to make it stop?