Help please! Pics in post


Hello, long lost sorry!! my DH and I have been TTC for almost 5 years now, with 2 failed <a href="">ivf</a> rounds we had both accepted the fact that it wouldn't happen. I recently changed jobs which didn't work out aof ound myself out of work and had not been tracking anything, being honest we hadn't done in a while. Anyway, I was checking when I was due and realised I was on Cd 35, I am normally a very regular 28 days. Sunday I just felt like AF was coming and so did a HPT which came out as negative. As I have done lots of times before, I thought it was no surprise. Sunday night I had a very vivid dream that I got a positive result and still no period so thought oh ill just test Monday morning(yesterday)... (see pictures below) please tell me you see the 2 lines too?? This was a boots 5 days early test. I did 3 other tests yesterday from Sainsbury's and all negative but I figured the Hormone levels may not be high enough. Took a digital clear blue today and says not pregnant, so confused. Perhaps clear blue just don't detect as well?? Still no sign of AF and slight "trapped wind" feeling and discomfort, not like my usual cramps.

I took this one today but it's too hard to tell...