social media

So my husband maybe over the past year has added more random women on social media.. its so annoying ..amd not to mention everyone he adds is gorgeous.. but the girls he decides to decline is girls who he doesn't think is cute c'mon..its pissing mr off ...sooo idk I doubt hes gonna ever delete his account so I just decided to block him .. ugh and yes I'm the jealous type..and I know blocking him won't do anything but its just annoying...for instance my ex just tried to add me recently and I mentioned it to him and he didn't like it... well I think its kinda the same thing ..I knew he wouldn't appreciate it so I didn't.. and because I really didnt want to .. but he knows how I feel about that .. opinions ? ..anyone else not friends with there SO on social media for these reasons?? I know I sound like I'm in high school but it just bugs me .