To all glow ladies.


So...I scroll on here a lot. I read, give advice to some, if I see something I myself find ridiculous, then I won't comment on it. And move on.

I do my best not to judge the person or situation. Give them my opinion in a tactful manner and hope it helps.

Unlike a majority of women on here.

I know I'll get some sort of backlash for this, but there is a LOT of cyber bullying going on.

Just today I've seen women call other women paranoid, crazy, selfish, bitch, said things that are downright cruel to say to another individual, without a second thought that what they have said could somehow impact that person in such a detrimental way. Or they don't care that they did.

It's sad really. This society lately is all about NOT bullying. NOT bringing each other down. Our school systems have completely cracked down on it.

Except when it comes to bullying others on social media.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines bullying by:

a : a blustering, browbeating person; especially : one who is habitually cruel, insulting, or threatening to others who are weaker, smaller, or in some way vulnerable

Of course doing it online would then be the cyber part of cyber bullying.

There are women on here that are JUST going into their teenage years. There are women that are trying to conceive. There are women looking for advice about their cheating spouse, women who are trying to understand sex and ALL are being tormented, laughed at, called names, judged...

This is wrong and this needs to stop. It's contradictory to tell your kids it's not ok to do this, then you turn around and do it yourself.

* I realize not all posts are like this but I have seen so many today that I had to say something.

** I also realize this may be the wrong group to post this in, but I picked one I felt it would be relevant to.