Feeling down :( need some support!


I'm currently in a long distance relationship. We have been for a little over a year now. At first we were over 20 hours away, and now we are about 7 hours away from each other. It's much better than before but I miss him like crazy. He was supposed to visit this weekend but he just told me he can't this weekend but he will next weekend and he'll even take off work next Friday so he can come down Thursday instead of Friday. While that seems more than fair and it's so damn sweet, I can't help to be disappointed. I'm seriously being such a baby about it. I'm not angry at all. I'm just so sad. I was looking forward to it so much and even though I'll only have to wait 1 more week, it's killing me. Yes I know I'm being negative and ridiculous but I'm super emotional right now and long distance is tough! Any sort of support or kind words are appreciated! (p.s I just moved a month ago and in a super new place with no close friends yet which is probably why I'm so upset bc I don't have anyone else to lean on. I really need to make friends asap lol)