He went from dud dad to super Daddy :)

Ellie • Abbigail Mae • 01.14.17 • Finnegan Jakob : 01.28.18 :

I had posted a few weeks ago about my fiancé not helping. But since then we've had a major talk and he knew I wasn't joking around because I grabbed her diaper bag and started packing. He had asked me to stop so I did and he hugged me and begged me not to go & promised to change- a promise which he actually fulfilled!

Since then he's changed her diapers when I've asked, made bottles and I actually have him wake up during the night to make her bottles which he's okay with. He plays with her when he gets home and hugs her, shows her affection& has pretty much over all changed his entire attitude about parenting. I knew he loved her but I also knew he didn't know how to be a dad truly. He's figuring it out though and I'm confident he'll be better with this one right from the start :)

I know it's not just a phase either because believe me, I've seen his phases and they last three days. He truly has changed for the better. Even the way he speaks to me has changed & he's much more patient. I feel like when we first met 😍