dom the dick (personal transphobia story)

jack🏳️‍🌈 (he/him) • transboy extraordinaire

i can't believe i've gone 15 whole years without coming in contact with direct & blatant transphobia but i guess it had to happen someday.

so yesterday i was at this class for teens at this cool little shop called the mind's eye bookstore. it's supposed to be like a real calming atmosphere, and we were doing yoga and meditation and it was all cool until this kid dom opens his stupid mouth and starts spewing hate speech. we were talking about technology or whatever and he was like "oh but little kids on social media are so stupid" so we were all ???wym buddy and he says "i hate to say this but kids who think theyre transgender and dye their hair... it's disgusting." so i kinda just glare at him. i was already having a super rough day and its been scientifically proven that i can & will cry at anything, so naturally, i start crying like a baby. the owner was trying to steer the conversation away from that topic but the dom kid would not give up- then the freaking yoga instructor starts agreeing with him. so now they're both talking about how they hate seeing 10 year olds with their hair dyed funky colors, which is the actual stupidest thing to be angry about. that age is probably the best time to dye your hair because you dont have to worry about getting a job or anything. and like, dying your hair has nothing to do with being trans. literally nothing. so im like on the verge of a full on panic attack so i text my mom to come pick me up. she comes like an hour later but is super pissed at me for making her leave work. the owner apologizes to us and is like "listen my son is lgbt i totally disagree with what that kid was saying" so i was like ight but you could have told him to stop talking about it. my brother was like why tf are you so upset but i obviously was in no mental state to come out as trans to them so i just kinda sat there and didnt say anything the whole ride home. i really wish i could have just sucked it up and stayed for the whole class because it honestly seemed super cool but instead i let dom ruin it for me. i dunno. i'm probably gonna vent my frustrations into an open letter to stick in my journal whenever i can think about it & not cry, which will probably be in a few days. but like it was really fuckin upsetting cuz like hi hello i am a Real Live Trans Person here and i know his shitty opinions wont affect my identity and its not going to stop anyone from doing what they need to make themselves happy but im still irrationally angry at him. i really, REALLY hope i dont walk in to school on the first day and see him walking the halls. even if it does happen, maybe i'll have thought of some witty comeback by then.