My cat is acting MORE strange then usual!


I understand that cats sense things that we don't normally sense. I got this cat around June from a friend, she was extremely shy but sweet. I was already pregnant when I got her. Once she got comfy, she started to go after my male cat I thought it was them trying to get along well it's been going on since I got her. I finally put it together that she's "protecting" me from him. Lately she has become even MORE protective, she lays in rooms that I am in, she sits in front of the bathroom door if I'm in there, she will lay in front of me and just purr even if I'm not touching her. Does she know that I'm almost due to have my little girl? She is already a strange cat lol she licks walls and bags ( my friends ex abused her, poor thing) she's a sweetheart and I love her but I'm not use to this lol I've always had male cats that are like eh touch me then ok bye.

This is her right now, she's asleep and purring up a storm. I haven't touched her since she laid down lol