I dont know how you ladies do it.

Being a mom. I feel like it has to be TOUGH work. I dont know which is harder, being a working mom or a SAHM. Maybe they're both the same level of hard?

anyway. I didn't sleep well. I was sick and couldn't shut my brain off. I ended up with about three hours of sleep. This morning my husband told me to go back to sleep and he'd let the dogs out.

Fast forward 10 minutes and the dogs are at the bedroom door crying. After listening to them cry, I finally just got up, I figured I could nap on the sofa and they'd be quiet since they'd be with me. My husband works from home so first I made him breakfast. Then I realized my dogs had no food or water down so I fixed that. After doing an hour worth of chores (crazy how time flies by when you keep finding stuff to do), I finally go lie down on the sofa.

My dogs immediately need to jump on top of me to snuggle. Which, I love them, don't get me wrong but sometimes I want to just... lay down by myself. Lol we get all settled in. I close my eyes. One dog jumps off... and three seconds later she's at the backdoor crying to go out again. So. I get up. I take her out. We sit outside for a while. Go back in. Get my husband a drink. Lay back down- mind you- still super sick. The dog is crying again. She has an upset stomach.

To shorten the story, we've gone out multiple times and now I have diarrhea to clean up off the tile, too. 😭

So the whole point is- kudos to you Momma's out there. You literally take care of little and big humans regardless of how you feel, how sick you are, how drained you are emotionally, how little sleep you've had, regardless of anything your kids probably always come first. Here I am begging my dogs to just take a nap so I can, and you guys are raising humans. When you need to vent on here, even as a non-mother, I see you. I feel your frustrations and I empathize. Those of you who stay home and literally never get a break, I see you and i hope you know that I think you're a superhero. Those of you who juggle work and kids- I see you. You're a rockstar. You ladies have strength beyond belief.

Ps I gave up on sleep. I had a protein shake and hoping my stomach will stop being a bitch.