Feels like an eternity

J •

On Christmas Eve we found out we were pregnant. We called everyone and told them as we were over the moon. Sadly when we went in for our dating ultrasound at 8 weeks it was determined the baby had stopped progressing at around 3.5 weeks (when we had found out we were expecting). We were devastated. The hardest part was going back to un-tell everyone. The due date for our angel was August 29th. We started trying again a few months after the D&C.; We conceived in April and I am now 20w5d along with a healthy baby boy. I could not be happier. But with the due date of the other pregnancy approaching I am very emotional (hormones are not helping) and I am thinking that the fact that I am realizing I should be expecting to hold a baby next week is making it seem like this pregnancy is going by so slow. I find myself being jealous of everyone's August babies. Just needed to vent and get my feelings out there as sometimes it helps. This month has been a roller coaster for me with the due date approaching and planning my baby shower for this rainbow baby 🌈 especially since sister unexpectedly passed away 2 months ago. Seems like everything has just been hitting me hard these last few days. Thanks for listening to a pregnant emotional rant. This page helps a lot. ❤️🌈🤰