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For the purpose of the story I'll call my two friends A and B.

So me and my 2 friends were going out clubbing and on the same night A was invited to a persons birthday in a club so all decided to go to the club. Basically the guy had invited loads of people from school (we left school a year ago) and A is mostly friendly with a lot of them.

Long story short, I didn't realise A would be spending so much time at the booth talking people and when people would come over they would say hi and hug A and B then ignore me or look straight through me which gave me a vibe like they didn't even want me to say hi to them. So it got really shit after 2 hours of being ignored by everyone. (My 2 friends didn't ignore me but if they were talking to someone I would be left alone).

I decided to go outside to get air and get away from everyone. I sat outside for a hour in that time I texted my friends where I was and tired to phone them. Basically got really upset bc the way they were treating me then I started to feel like I was being petty which made me feel shit. Then I decided to get a taxi home. Managed to phone A and B separately to tell them I'm in the taxi and also messaged them.

They've both said to me today that a shouldn't of done that and I wrong to go off on my own (which I understand) and that I should of called/texted bc they were "extremely" worried. I said to check their messages bc I did. Then A said that I should of came and told them personally bc she was "extremely" worried which I don't get. I was "missing" for 1h30 in total, she never once called or messaged me asking where I was (only B asked) or came outside to find me. And her defence is she was asking everyone inside(who ignored me the whole night) where I went.

The only thing I think I did wrong was go off on my own but I don't see why I have to go back into a club to tell them I'm going home bc they can't be arsed to pick up their phones to check if I'm okay or go outside.

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