Birth story. I didn't know I was in labor! Lengthy


So things have calmed down, I can now share my experience. At 32 weeks exactly I went to a doctors appointment to be told I was dilated 2 centimeters having contractions 7 minutes apart. I never felt a thing. They admitted me to the hospital and gave me two rounds of steroids for her lungs and the Rhogam (I'm ONegative). I stayed in the hospital for 10 days on magnesium sulfate and ventolin to stop my contractions. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. August 19th they released me from the hospital at 5:45PM because my contractions had stopped on the monitor.

I went to CVS to fill my prescription and I was very uncomfortable. I don't know what was wrong so I went home and laid down. For about 30 minutes I tossed and turned still not know I was having contractions. Around 11:15 my water broke laying down. I got up screamed for my mom and we ran out the house. I stay 40 minutes from my hospital so we sped the whole way there. Got there around 11:45 I get to the hospital they slowly get my room ready. By this time I FELT EVERYTHING.

I get in a room they try to hook me up then see hoe far apart I was. The nurse took her two fingers down there and screams THERES THE HEAD. A team of nurses and doctors swarmed in. They put my feet up and told me to push twice nothing happened. The third push I felt s contraction coming on so I pushed hard, they though just her head was coming out but she came all the way out all natural. Born at 33.4 days weighing 4 pounds 1 oz at 12:41 AM August 20th I finally saw my daughter.

She was in level 3 NICU 3 days. They said she progressed fast. And is now bottle feeding breast milk. #PreemieMom #ShesStrong