Pregnancy symptoms? How to make them a little better ?


So I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I have had the worst pregnancy symptoms. First I have tachycardia and back issues, and had to come off most of my meds because of the pregnancy, which is fine I would do anything for the baby to be healthy but it's hard. I'm only on one of my heart meds so there's a lot of stress to stay not stressed and they took me off of everything for my back pain, so that has been horrible. But if that wasn't enough, my "morning" sickness has been so bad, I had to go to the hospital at 5 and a half weeks to be rehydrated, and they put me on some meds, which were working great until recently, and now it's gotten worse, even on the meds I'm barely holding anything down, the constant throwing up is making me more tired, my back hurt more, my throat hurt. And the medicine is making me more constipated which doesn't help anything. Anyone have anything they've tried that has really helped with the nausea? And everything .