Anyone having more babies?

Regardless of how many kids you currently have rather 1 or 14, do you want more? I would love to have another one. He's done. It breaks my heart. I'm actually really upset. I know my baby was born a month ago, but when he's 6-8 months old I would like to TTC. I'm happy with my kids and love them all. My love can only grow. Financially were stable, we have a large enough vehicle. I just wish he wanted more. Just 1 more and done. I want to try for another girl. I can't talk to him about it with out him getting pissed off and shutting me down. I look at my boy and it's hard to believe he's the last. My husband said he would get a vasectomy, but he wants ME to make the appointment. I haven't yet. Priorities straight up lol. It's not at the top of my Shit To Do list. I'm not a religious woman, but I can only pray to god that he, god almighty, intervenes and I can have another daughter. Rather my husband changes his mind- I know that THAT won't happen ever or by the grace of god I get pregnant. I know I'm silly. Tell me how you feel about more kids.

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