Husband a little distant about the baby

First of all, I love my husband. We have no marital problems. And he is thrilled about the baby (frankly it was his idea).

As for myself, I am not over emotional about being pregnant. I'm 6 months now and I don't particularly feel bonded to this baby. It's just a fact for me. Like it is coming. But I'm definitely more in the "my body has been taken over" camp then the "I'm so in love with my future child I've never met" camp.

However, I noticed my husband, although he'll touch my stomach and ask how I am, doesn't otherwise interact with the baby. He's felt it kick, but doesn't much care. Doesn't talk or sing or read to it. Doesn't snuggle my belly. But I guess does that matter?

Am I overreacting?

It's not like I'm worried he won't love or care for it once it's born.

**just to clarify, I am six months pregnant with our first. Sorry if that was confusing.