Lord, This girl..

Amanda • 🌈09-08-2017🌈 Baby Boy May 2, 2019!! 💙

Sooooo, here we go. My fiancé and I, have been dealing with his doped up sister. She abuses pills. She has been burdening us our entire relationship. She fakes suicide.. she walks in your room, NAKED. FULLY NAKED... because she is high on ambien. She puts stove eyes in the fridge.. egg on the stove.. bowls in our GRILL. The list goes on. Basically, this 23 year old child, lives off everyone else. She has never in her life had a job.

Meanwhile, I am worrying day in day out about my pregnancy. The cramps, the spotting.. the odd pains. So, i try resting. I try sleeping off some cramps. I try to not vomit every time i stand up.

I try to hold in my anger.

I wake up to a destroyed house.. all of my food eaten.. a tub of butter gone in 3 days.. A $400 light bill, that is usually $200.. having to go shopping every 3 days.. SUPPORTING THIS BUM. As she lays in a brand new bed, in our house.. and she pays $0. She whines to her dad if we get taco bell or such.

Her dad came bu today, as she was passed out. I let him in, and he being her in a freeze and tacos from taco bell.

So, my fiance asks me to go get kfc.

Im at kfc for About 20 minutes, dealing with a quite rude man. I come home, and walk in with the food.. and she starts whining about it.. when she just got free taco bell. Fiancé's brother gives up his food so she will be quiet. I tell my fiance, that she just got food.. i stood in line dealing with a dickhead, just to get use food.

She stands at my door listening.. and then calls me a bitch. Threatening to beat my ass. At this point, I have dealt with way too much. I defend myself. She has now threatend to beat my ass.. 😂 She barges in my room to talk more shit.. while my fiance warns her, if she touches me, he will arrest her. (Since he cant arrest family, he will call it in) He tells her, she is leaving. To get thefuck out of his house.. he is tired of paying for her to live here.. while she uses everyone.

She continues... and continues saying she will beat my ass.. as i sit on my bed, trying my goddamn hardest to not show her what a beating looks like. I refuse to be put in jail WHILE pregnant. So, i calm myself, because my pains has gotten worse.

She said she is leaving and "will get a piece of my ass" when everyone is gone. Lol okay bitch.

Many years of her saying she will beat me, she has not proved it.

The very last thing I need is to cause my baby loads of stress.

Guys, I cannot keep doing this. I will gladly love to bash her skull in. But again, jail wont do me good.. & i wont have my baby while in jail.

She can say i'm afraid.. she can make rumors..

She will not be able to ever hold my little one.. or even see it in person.

I need some uplifting comments.