16 and scared!!

i had sex april 20. we used a condom but he came on my crotch/stomach. i got my period the 27th and it was really light and brown but thats how it was the month before. i got my period may and then i missed june. i tested during my may period-may 25. it was negative(digital). i also tested in late june when i missed my period and it was negative as well. july i got it and i passed a lot of clots and had very painful cramps. now august i was 8 days late but got it today--accompanied by many MANY cramps. my stomach doesnt look pregnant-- just a little fat and very jiggly. my sex drive has been super high but i have not had sex since that one day in april. i feel like my boobs are a bit bigger and my nipples have been hard more often and hurt a lot. also ive have a lot of white creamy discharge--which ive gotten before. these 4 months i have been working out also so I've lost a total of 25 lbs which idk if that could add to anything. im not pregnant, right?