There's a reason for everything!!!

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I just want to share something with you all I know some women that go years without conceiving, and some with fertility issue . I know some of you want a child so bad and I know how that feels I'm one of them. But have you ever sat and thought to yourself there's a reason for everything??? I have plenty of times. I've been to the doctor to make sure I'm ovulating, don't have PCOS , Endometriosis etc..... but the doctor says everything is fine they don't find anything that is wrong. She just told me to track my ovulation which I never did in the past. But for about six month, Still no pregnancy. I just threw my hands up I said if God wants me to have kids he will give them to me if he doesn't I won't have kids. To me I thought that I shouldn't have to go to the fertility doctor just to get pregnant. I'm a woman I should be able to have kids . So I eventually stop thinking about having kids because I felt something was wrong with me. So I stopped <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> stop taking pregnancy test every month because I felt bad every time I got a BFN. Then exactly a year and 3 days from my last doctor visit I got a BFP . I didn't even know I was pregnant because every year in June or July I always skip a period that's normal for me. Pregnancy didn't even run through my mind at that point because I had trouble getting pregnant and that I cant have kids. In the beginning of June I have got a stomach bug which I want to the hospital they did test they did a pregnancy test what came out negative. I tested in the July 1 my test came out negative and then and on July 8 that's when I got a postive. that same day a couple of hours later I had heavy bleeding once again in my mind. I miscarriage did not cross my mind I was too excited. I got to the hospital they said that I was at least n8/9 weeks. But I was having a impending miscarriage. then I started questioning god why would you give me something that you know I wanted so bad and take away like that . I never will know that answer. But I felt like that was a sign that I am able to have kids but not right now. God has something else planned for me instead at the moment. So ladies please don't feel sad or beat yourself up about it. You will have your beautiful baby one day! Just wait. God will give him/her to you at the right time. Don't lose hope ❤️❤️❤️