I think I'm pregnant, but I'm worried its all in my head

My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby at the beginning of August. I went off birth control, had a random period and then seemed to have symptoms of ovulation. We had sex every day of my fertile window except one. On the second or third day of ovulation, I had some pink discharge when I wiped after using the bathroom. I thought maybe it was just another birth control thing. After that I've been steadily nauseous, and everything tastes weird. I've also been cramping like crazy. Some days I've been super hungry, and then days like today when anything other than avocado and tortillas makes my stomach roll. I took a test on Friday, even though it was only a day or two post ovulation because I was feeling so strange, but it was negative. I'm going to wait until the day I'm supposed to get my period and test again. I want to have a baby, but I'm worried that I'm just seeing things that arent there, just because I want it so badly. My mother isn't a part of my life, and my husbands mom is hispanic and doesn't speak English very well. I'm learning spanish, but because of the language barrier, we're not that close and I don't want my husband translating. lol. Any advice? And also, sorry I don't know all the acronymns, I'm working on it. :)