someone to be there for me.....


I am a first time mom of a baby. ( my exhusband had a one year old when I met him who I jave helped raise and even though we did not work out I get him every other weekend. I am the only mother he knows.) but I was told for over 10 years I could not have any children of my own. my husband I now have a 4 month old healthy handsome little man. ( so ladies if your discouraged please do not be. miracles do happen. I got pregnant without any help)

anyway. I have had a lot of stress on my plate the last month or so. and some of it has to do with my husband. now my parents are not really in my life. (they took my ex husbands side in the divorce. a while other story in itself. if you want to know ask and I will tell you) I have no close family or friends. so I have no one to vent to. I have no one to cry to. I have no one to talk to. I have been writing in a journal bit that is not helping. I do not trust counclers. and if I do try and talk to someone they are on my husbands side and do not want to hear anything I have to say. they just tell me so deal with it.. I am so over whelmed with everything in my head, all I can do is cry. which I refuse to do because I have 2 little boys who count on me to be their rock. anyone have any advice?