Feeling alone


How do I let my partner know that I'm feeling pretty alone in this pregnancy? He's not doing anything intentionally bad, it's just hard knowing how much I'm changing my lifestyle to accomodate the pregnancy and impending baby, and he's just oblivious to how much it actually hurts me to see him changing nothing. (Actually I'll give it to him that he's changing jobs so he has a bigger income while I'm not working...but is that all he should be changing?)

I love my alcohol, the things I would do for a bottle of wine... so does he, he hasn't cut down his drinking and will often enjoy free taxi rides from his now sober, pregnant girlfriend. This bothers me, as I obviously can't do the same while pregnant, but I haven't told him as I'm not sure if it's just me being hormonal or if it's justified.

I'm so exhausted all the time, I work full time and come home to do cleaning and cooking. He doesn't understand how hard this is to do while growing a body inside me. I'm afraid he thinks I'm lazy. Yes he works longer days than me so I don't expect him to do the housework usually, but am I wrong to let it go or ask for help at this point!

So many little things! I dkntwant to start a fight, I'm just in need of some advice as to how I'd let him know that things are different now and that im feeling so alone in this.

Thank you 💕