Creepy man sitting outside my house...what would you do?


So over the past couple weeks, Cspire has been running lines down my neighborhood street so there have been all kinds of trucks parked on our street. But nobody is working today. The lines are put back in the ground.

Anyway, there is a truck that's been sitting outside my house ALL morning since I woke up. When I was leaving to go to my baby doctors appointment, he wasn't there, but I saw him at the gas station right next to my neighborhood. When I got back, he was back in the same spot just sitting in his truck eating a snack and staring at my house. He saw me arrive alone and no other cars are here besides me since I am alone. I could have sworn I have seen him with cspire but I'm not sure and there are no other workers out today. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but it kind of freaks me out. I live in possibly one of the safest cities in my state, but I know that doesn't mean something can't happen. It's 12 pm now and he was out there at 8 when I first woke up. What would you do? Hes literally right in front of my driveway.