Help with OPK!


I sincerely hope I'm not annoying the living h*'ll out of all of you. I'm sorry if I am.

I've never used these before and I'm seriously confused. So pic is of my progression. I have normal cycles every month. They can last anywhere between 27-30 days. From what I can tell my surge was cd13(even though it wasn't as dark as the control??). We DTD on cd13 and 14. Does this mean I ovulated on the cd13? I had sharp pains on my left side and was naceous all day that day. So I'm on cd15 today, I see a faint line. Does this mean I'm out of my window this month now or do I have to DTD again? My hubs has been working a lot and is beyond exhausted, I don't know if I could get him to go another round lol😂

Guess I am just looking for someone to look at this and help me figure out where to go from here. Kinda hoping to be in my TWW, and figure out what my dpo is. Help! Lol😂