So I have been with the same guy for the last 5 years. To me, our relationship is extremely confusing. We have a 3 year old which I do 90% of the caring for which is fine with me. But I am not sure I want another child, he keeps asking for another child but already has 3. (Only 1 with me) I am definitely unsure if I want another. The thing is we do not live with each other and see each other very little. That also goes for our 3 year old who barely sees him. I love sex, especially with him and can't resist when he does come around. And no I am really tired of keeping up with Birth-control when I barely have sex. On top of that he talking about proposing. To him everything is good minus seeing one another very little. But to me- I feel like that connection and commitment maybe fading.

Just confused about it all and sexually frustrated- needed to vent :-)