Are you empowered by nudity or modesty?


I had the most liberating experience recently. I was at a small, sustainable retreat center in Nowhere, Maine with a handful of my close friends. The retreat center rested on rolling hills and had several tiny cabins placed haphazardly along with multiple meditation trails and a natural flowing stream with dipping pools. There was also a log cabin sauna, which we used as often as possible.

Nudity has always been very sexual to me, so when my friends hopped into the sauna naked, I wasn't sure how to handle it.

But I did it, I got naked and joined them.

Nothing sexual about it.

We chilled in the sauna for a while and when it got too hot, we left and walked- still naked- down a trail to the dipping pools to cool off before going back into the sauna.

I couldn't believe my courage. Here I was totally naked, in broad daylight, walking around in the woods with equally as naked friends.

At first it took courage to do this. But then I was filled with unexpected power and love for my body.

Thoughts like, "my body is not to be ashamed of", "my body is not only meant for sex", "my body is perfect the way it is" started flowing through my mind and made my feet tingle as I walked along the trail.

I was empowered by my nudity in a way I never anticipated.

This is my experience, and I'm sure it's very different from everyone else's experiences. So I'd like to hear from you, how are you empowered? By nudity or by modesty (or perhaps by something completely different)? Do you feel strong and powerful when your body is hidden from wandering eyes? Or do you find strength in the openness and truth that comes with nudity?

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