Acupuncture to Help Labor!


I know at this point we're all pretty miserable, so I wanted to share something I tried today: acupuncture! I have had it done lots of times before, but today I went in for a labor treatment.

I'm 38 + 2 and not dilated AT ALL. But the baby is very low and I have been having contractions - so, yeah, all this pain for no gain re: labor. Anyways, this treatment session was designed to do two things: relax the pelvis and help make the contractions stronger and more frequent. I could feel some pulling in my hip as soon as the needles went it, and have been feeling lots of movement very low all day. Went for a walk and seriously thought she'd fall out!

Going in for another appointment on Thursday - acupuncturist thinks that will be enough to get things moving. I will keep you all posted! If nothing else, it's very relaxing. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't pay for it, but they let me use my HSA card. Make sure you go to someone who specializes in fertility and prenatal - that's all this clinic does, so I felt in good hands!