Feeling defeated

M. 🌻 • PCOS & Pregnant with our rainbow 🌈❣️🌻

I was diagnosed with PCOS last month, and I was told I either need to get on birth control to regulate everything or start all the hormones/meds to try and have a baby.

I'm only 20 and all I've ever wanted is to have a baby, I bought a house last year with my boyfriend of 5 years, I have a payed a vehicle, we have good jobs & I'm almost done with college.

I only told a couple close friends and family members because it's something I don't feel like I need to explain to everyone.

Well my one friend pretty much told me I'm a fucking idiot, then took it upon herself to tell many other people & I know they were all taking shit about my situation that is NONE of their business. I confronted her about it and she tried lying and then said "well I only told.."

I just don't understand, how can you not have empathy for someone who was looked in the face by a doctor and told they'll be lucky to have kids. I feel so defeated.