Labor Day Weekend and TTC

Hello ladies I need some advice. I have really two questions. My hubby and I are currently in our 4th cycle of TTC. We are both on the same page of trying for a baby but sometimes he is not as excited or dedicated to trying like I am. I'm temping, using Clearblue digital OPK and also using preseed.

Before TTC we didn't have sex very often (both low sex drive due to medication) but once I got off my medication and birth control mine has returned to normal. Also TTC you would have sex more often as well. All this to say how do I get my husband more excited about sex? It almost feels like a chore for him but I've been trying to make it fun.

I got my peak smiley face last night so it ended up being 2 days in a row and we also should BD tonight as well. We are leaving though for Labor Day weekend at the lake and will be around family all weekend. Should we try to BD before leaving or wait until everyone is asleep? We will have our own room but the walls are thin and I feel like we have no privacy.