Ok heres a lil timeline of this crisis for yall! I think im screwed but i need more opinions!

Week 1, i had sex w my boyfriend this week MANY TIMES, all without peeing afterwards. Small symptoms of a uti showed up later in the week, but i was embarrassed thinking it was chlamydia due to the burning pee (??? Idk guys im not familiar w this shit) and have never had a uti so i didnt consider the fact

Week 2, went camping, was kinda uncomfortable but nothing super out of the ordinary. Pressure around the bladder, a tiny bit itchy, and a little bit of burning with pee.

Week 3, pain and pressure continue around bladder and i look online and see my symptoms best align w a uti! So ok, i go see a doctor get some antibiotics prescribed its cool

Heres where Im whack

Im hella busy the next 3 days and cant go pick up the prescription... i never get around to it, im constantly doing stuff and to deal w the pain im taking cranberry extract. It works well enough my symptoms disappear for a bit.


AND IM BACK ON THIS BULLSHIT! Pressure when i pee, burning, and general discomfort. Similar symptoms, nothing extreme. Im hoping it just went away and came back and not that its been stewing and getting worse. What yall think? This a new infection thats here due to lack of care w the old one or is it the same infection thats just gotten severe?