My MIL makes me want to punch someone - An opinion piece written by a newly pregnant, hormonal momma to be

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Ok. So I've been married for a year. Been with my huz for three and have become pretty close to his mom. So as soon as we got married she started HOUNDING us for a baby. In front of family at dinners or her friends, just calling us out saying that she wants more grandchildren and she wants a baby. In January she brought it up at dinner with us and her friends and it caused a fight between me and my huz cause it was a touchy subject at the time. A few months later we ended up deciding to try. Which she caught wind of. Every time we saw her she would ask if I was pregnant didn't matter who was around she would yell it across a room. It was all she cared about. None stop this lady would ask and when I would say no she would say "well get to it! I want a baby". This caused a lot of stress and not so nice feelings. My huz would try to calm her down about it but it wouldn't work. She tells me all the time how she is going to take my baby as much as she can and over night blah blah blah. Let me add that she is dating a man that is a raging alcoholic and already screamed at my step son about a month ago and my MIL was so scared she left for the day. Not where my baby is going to hang out. No way. Anyway so I am currently almost six weeks pregnant. A few days after we found out we told my parents and my huz' parents. His dad instantly texts me and congrats me, his mom? Nothing. Still two weeks later and nothing. But don't worry. She still texts and calls my huz about it and tells him how excited she is but has said not one word to me.

So this is how I feel. I legit feel like the cow that is giving birth to her grandchildren. Not my own children, hers. I am so angry and hurt. Like seriously F off lady. You aren't the one dealing with everything that comes with pregnancy. You won't be the one sleepless getting up all night. I just feel like a means for her to have something SHE wants. It is not her baby and I don't know how to explain that to her without sounding like a bitch. But seriously?! Not even a congrats?! It is my baby too not just my husbands and honestly right now I'm the one putting in all the work growing a baby inside me. She acts like when it's born it'll be hers and my husband's baby and I was just the one that produced it for her. I'm so angry....and am clueless as to what to do😤