What do I do??

I need some like major advice right now. My boyfriend told his ex boss something and well turns out his ex boss is also his roommates stepdad. Well we dropped his roommate off at his stepdads house today. When we got there his ex plus the woman my man calls mom were giving me shit but that is cause of my boyfriend lol. one of things they were giving crap about was the thing my man told his ex boss. They said they were going to tell my parents. Whom have pretty much complete control over me. I am not going to tell my parents. Well got home and my mans other mother comments on a post i was tagged in. I am afraid she is going to say something on facebook. I told my man this had to stop. That I couldnt let her do that. It would cause a lot of problems for me.

what should I do? should I just ignore or what???

what he told them is I was pregnant. I had a scare. so at the time he quit his job to be closer. the test had come back positive and when we got in to see my Dr we fpund out I wasn't.