Non-biblical boy names


Help! We are having the HARDEST time naming our twin boys. We have settled on Brady Ellis for one of them, but the other is still "no name." We had a mile long list of girl names so when we found out it was two boys, we were like uh oh 😳

Meaning is important to us and we prefer names without biblical roots. We already have one 4y/o son named Oliver Benjamin (I realize Benjamin is technically religious but it was a namesake), and our last name is one syllable.

So far we like Sawyer and Nico but don't love either of them.

Names we've vetoed are Miles (our cat's name 😂), Henry, Owen, Leo, Theo, Colin, Mason, Charles, Luca... the list goes on. My husband is the one vetoing most of these so it's getting frustrating.

Any ideas? What are your non-biblical favorites?