Scared!! White chalky poop - now in hospital UPDATE



Just got back from doctors and am waiting for urgent test results. Trying not to get too worried but our babes poops have turned whiteish gray.... midwife and doctors are concerned and I made the mistake of googling so I am now too!

They started getting lighter and lighter yesterday and are now consistently this colour. I've read all about how it could be liver issues. Any other ideas? He is breast fed :)

Also has dark smelly urine 😩 he feeds consistently and is putting on weight like a champ. He is very irritable atm though

I'm so worried about it, I've done all I can so far but just wanted some advice I guess ❤❤

From one slightly scared mumma.


Got the call back from our GP yesterday evening and the blood work came back not good. She contacted the local children's hospital and they wanted us in immediately so came in last night.

They took more bloodwork, he has had a scan and now we are waiting for the results. They are ruling out infections and a few other things but are pretty sure it's Biliary Atresia (Liver disease) which will require surgery and an eventual transplant.

Still hoping they come back and say it is miraculously healed and is just a virus. Benji is completely fine in himself other than having dark urine and weird poop a although some colour has returned fortunately.

I can't handle him screaming anymore - even if it's to change his nappy I start crying. They keep taking his blood and it's just awful. They have told us to prepare to be here for a while. Should get confirmation soon as to what is happening. If it is hisnliver we caught it as early as possible as it usually starts between 2-4 weeks old. Never ignore white poop x will update again when I know more