Fiancé with Baby


Hi ladies, well I gave birth to my baby boy July 6 (he's almost 2 months 😭) and I'm engaged. my fiancé doesn't help me out as much with the baby as much as I want him too. He insists on taking turns which im totally fine with but it seems like its always my turn. He doesn't get his bottles ready for the nightime feeding nor does he wake up to feed him at night. During the day time he works and when he comes home he takes 3hr long showers, eats and goes to sleep. He hardly takes care of the baby. Last night I woke him up to feed the baby because I was tired, we went to his fam party and slept late so i felt like i could ask him to feed the baby. When I was moving him to wake up he got really aggressive and insulted me and said he will feed the baby next time. I felt really bad. Idk what to do. Any suggestions on what i should do?