Omggggg this is so confusing


Okay guys bare with me this is gonna be a long one. So on August 18th I got a positive opk. On the 25th I had very light spotting red/pink in color only when I wipe I would notice it. It continued the same way until the 27th. The 28th and 29th I had brown spotting again only when I would wipe. My periods are usually 5-6 days long and are very heavy the first few days. I got a very dark line but not quite positive on my easy at home opk test on the 30th. On the 31st I had what felt like period cramps but only on my left side and my opk was even lighter and they've been staying the same color until today. I've taken a few hpt's and gotten BFN each time. My cycles are all out of wack since they returned July 18th after 11 months of being off of depo. I'm not sure if the bleeding was just a very light period or if it was ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding which I would think by now if it was IB I'd get a positive hpt by now. I'm so confused and needing help. I'm just a bit confused on what's going on. I've read it's possible to O that soon after your period but I've never done that before. If I put into Glow that the bleeding in fact was my period it is predicting that my fertile window starts tomorrow and ends on the 11th but my test today were all light compared to my test on the 30th of August (which was my birthday so we BD that night anyway) 😜. Should I keep testing just to see if maybe it was a surge from my period? I've read you can have lh surges after your period also